I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b or c!
Text for number 1 – 3
My name is Salsa.
I have some fruits.
There are three bananas,
one mango and four oranges.
I like banana and
my mother likes mango.

1. Salsa has some …
a. vegetables
b. candies
c. fruits

2. Salsa has …. bananas.
a. one
b. two
c. three

3. My mother …. mango.
a. want
b. likes
c. have

4. Santi : Is it a banana?
Sinta : ………….
a. Yes, it is
b. No, it is
c. Yes, it isn’t

5. Ranti is playing ….. (ayunan)
a. swing
b. see saw
c. skipping rope
6. My name is r a n d i, ar-ei-en-di-…
a. ei
b. ai
c. ou

7. Meow… Meow….
Good morning.
I am a ….
a. dog
b. bird
c. cat

8. fish lives in the ….
a. water
b. air
c. land

9. 8 + 7 = ….
a. fourteen
b. fifteen
c. sixteen

10. Nina  : “Hello Ranu, how are you today?”
Ranu :  “………….”
a. you’re welcome
b. I’m fine thankyou
c. come here

11. The color of banana is ….
a. yellow
b. purple
c. brown

12. Rabbit likes to eat ….
a. papaya
b. avocado
c. carrot

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13. Dog likes to eat ….
a. bone
b. grass
c. watermelon

14. Saya mempunyai lima bebek. In English is….
a. I have five ducks
b. I have five chickens
c. I have three ducks

15. I have … eyes.
a. one
b. two
c. three

16. Paman in English is ….
a. aunt
b. brother
c. uncle

17. bolster, pillow and blanket are in the ….
a. bathroom
b. living room
c. bedroom


18. My mother cooks in the …
a. bedroom
b. kitchen
c. garage

19. Teacher : “Good morning students.”
Students: “…………………………..”
a. Good morning teacher
b. Good afternoon teacher
c. Good night teacher

20. Niko : “What is your name?”
Nida : ” ……………….. is Nida.”
a. I’m fine
b. My name
c. You’re walcome

21. shampoo, soap, towel                     a. ular tangga
22. gas stove, pan, knife                       b. red and white
23. banana, apple, mango                     c. bathroom
24. 20 + 5                                           d. twenty five
25. g                                                   e. yes, I do
26. snake ladder                                  f. ini adalah sebuah buku
27. black hair                                       g. kitchen
28. Indonesian flag                               h. ji
29. this is a book                                  i. fruits
30. do you like orange?                         j. rambut hitam

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1. c                    11. a                   21. c
2. c                    12. c                   22. g
3. b                    13. a                   23. i
4. a                    14. a                   24. d
5. a                    15. b                   25. h
6. b                    16. c                   26. a
7. c                    17. c                   27. j
8. a                    18. b                   28. b
9. b                    19. a                   29. f
10. b                  20. b                   30. e

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